From its origin in 1950 as a project to revitalize the art of silk weaving, Jim Thompson Fabrics has evolved into a maker of a complete breadth of premium textiles for interior decoration, created by some of today’s most influential designers. As the world’s largest producer of hand-woven fabrics, Jim Thompson is especially known for its legendary Thai silks.

Jim Thompson is exceptional among luxury textile houses today for our commitment to an entirely in house silk manufacturing process. By having our own silk farms, mills, design studio and research & development operations, the company is able to fully integrate all the processes and expertise needed in textile production, enabling it to create unique fabrics at uncompromising standards of quality, performance and beauty.

The unique character and unrivaled quality of our fabrics owe much to Jim Thompson’s original ideals. It was his intention that we master every step of production and fine-tune our capability to optimize our offerings. We hone our skills in every stage from fiber preparation, yarn spinning and dying, to weaving, printing and finishing. For our signature Thai silk, we grow the mulberry and silkworms on our own farms, together with the cooperation of thousands of other family-owned farms.

Today Jim Thompson has over 50 workshop buildings situated on 37 hectares (93 acres) of verdant landscaped grounds and in addition, our farms totaling 445 hectares (1,100 acres) provide the expansive nature necessary to raise the highest quality silkworms.

Jim Thompson’s integrated approach to silk manufacturing gives the company an enviable advantage over all others. Our master spinners, dyers and weavers, many of whom have been with us for over thirty years, know their way around every aspect and every process of silk making. With every yard of Jim Thompson fabric you are always assured of the highest quality, attention to detail and exquisite finishes.